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Boomin’ Audio Hosted dBDRA and USACi Competitions

WEST VALLEY, UT (06.19.2019) – On Saturday, June 15th, Boomin’ Audio held the organization’s first major event of the 2019 season. The 3X dBDRA and 2X USACi competitions filled the lanes with competitors.

At the end of the day competitors proudly hoist their trophies!

Andy Teuscher stated “We really got the season going with a strong event in West Valley. We recently added the USACi format to our events and feel that will broaden the competitor base.”

The West Valley was held in a large area of a shopping center that was cordoned off for the event. Jones Subwoofer Solutions sponsored the event. Andy Teuscher and Jeffery Fernandez handled the judging… with Fernandez flying in from NorCal. At the end of the competitions 92 trophies were place with top competitors. Jones Subwoofer Solutions sponsored the competitions.

Jason Jones (C) holds one of the major trophies alongside Jeffrey Fernandez (L) and Andy Teuscher.

Jason Jones, Jones Subwoofer Solutions, has sponsored several previous Boomin’ Audio events. Jones related to 12voltnews.com “I truly embrace the sound-off competition scene. I personally like to hear music loud with lots of heavy bass. The custom subwoofers we make, by hand here in the USA, are geared to the competition scene.”

Brian North (C) joined the Boomin’ 150’s Club at the West Valley Event in his Bass Runner ride. Judges Fernandez (L) and Teuscher flank the new Boomin’ 150’s Club member.

Jones Subwoofer Solutions was founded in 2017. The company also offers custom knockdown enclosures they ship to DYI consumers plus car audio shops. No particle board in the Jones enclosures.

“We had a special happening at the event. Brian North joined the 150 Club. Brian has been competing for 3 years and his Bass Runner achieved the magic 150dB in West Valley” Teuscher added.

Jenissa Lillard USACi Director stated “We have known Andy for a long time. He is an excellent judge and USACi is very happy to have him as an USACi event promoter and be associated with Boomin’ Audio.”

Concluding, Teuscher offered “Everything is shaping up for this to be a very strong year for Boomin’ Audio events.”

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