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Boom Mat Intro Pre-Cut Complete Interior and Individual Pre-Cut Heat and Sound Control Kits for &#82

AVON LAKE, OH (03.08.2019) – DEI has taken the guesswork out of improving the heat and sound of all first generation Camaros and Firebirds. New Boom Mat Complete Interior and Individual Heat and Sound Control Kits are now available for all 1967 – ’69 Camaro and Firebird coupes and convertibles, with or without factory A/C. Developed to greatly reduce unwanted engine and road noise and improve cabin comfort with less transfer of heat and cold to the interior, each kit is CAD designed with an OE cut that ensures ease of installation. All kits can be installed in a simple two-step process using only the addition of DEI Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive – no trimming required.

The Complete Interior Kit includes 2mm damping material to dampen vibrations and reduce outside noise generated from the road and engine compartment. This first step is an easy peel and stick application followed by the addition of DEI’s Under Carpet Lite, a multi-layered, lightweight and waterproof composite material that works effectively as a heat and sound barrier. Low profile at only ½” thick, Under Carpet Lite is added on top of the Damping Material directly under your factory or aftermarket installed carpet.

Individual heat and sound control kits for the 1967-’69 Camaro and Firebird are also available for the trunk, package tray, trunk divider, floor, roof, kick panel, side panel, and firewall (with and without AC).

To learn more about Design Engineering’s full line of heat and sound control products for classic vehicles, visit www.DesignEngineering.com, call 800-264-9472, or email [email protected].


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