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Black Friday Mania 2018

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SHREVEPORT, LA (11/23/2018) – Black Friday Mania 2018 began gripping the retail world on November 1st. The on-line retailers started blasting specials as Big Box stores began prepping consumers for Black Friday only special deals.

The real Black Friday 2018 didn’t fall until November 23rd this year. But each day we recognized a more clear picture of the in-store mania to come. Consumer electronics, with all types of “Count Down”, “One Day Deals” and “DoorBusters” filled the airwaves. Consumer electronics continue to be the loss-leaders for many online and Big Box retailers. Target’s 55” 4K TV at $199. is certainly an attention getter this year!

Best Buy, known for crazy Black Friday deals, featured a store manager’s interview on local TV in Shreveport LA touting a new way for consumers to find Black Friday specials in the store. Colored balloons will hang from the ceiling to identify specific Black Friday DoorBusters.

12volt specialty retailers of all types must use a solid plan featuring product knowledge, creativity and exceptional customer service to compete in today’s marketplace. Specialty 12volt retailers have a definite added advantage of onsite product demonstrations and installation opportunities to close the sale once a customer is in the store.

Consumers can not “feel the bass” of a 15” subwoofer in their chest or experience crisp, clear midrange and highs on a website.

A solid social media plan to attract, and inspire, consumers is a must for specialty retailers…who for the most part do not have robust marketing budgets.

Black Friday, November 23rd, and Cyber Monday are at hand.

Let’s work 365 days a year to make each day a GREEN 12volt retailer day.

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