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AVR Hosted Kenwood, Harman and ADS Trainings and Open House

MARIETTA, GA (05.24.2019) – AVR hosted two events at their location in Marietta, GA on Sunday and Monday, May 19th and 20th respectively. The AVR events are ‘The Filet Mignon of Car Audio Trainings’. Dealers are invited to ‘Get their stomach filled with filet mignon and their brain filled with useful product sales knowledge!’

Leigh Powell took audience members through the Harman brands.

Leigh Powell (Harman), Mark Rutledge and Matt Yerger (iDatalink Maestro) and Seth Halstead (Kenwood) were presenters.

Matt Yerger presented iDatalink Maestro products.

Greg Wallace, AVR Sales Manager, stated “In total, we had over 80 dealers attend between the two nights and fed everyone filet mignon, pork tenderloin and grilled chicken with baked potatoes and salad. Everything went over very well with the crowd!”

Harman’s Powell covered the JBL and Infinity lines including their new marine products like the Kappa series marine speakers. Yerger and Rutledge showed the new ADS-MRR2 and new dash kits along with new t-harness solutions that are right around the corner. Halstead took dealers through the Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon lines with a focus on the new 7” CarPlay and Android Auto models that are now shipping.

Seth Halstead covered the Kenwood eXcelon lineup.

Continuing, Wallace related “We gave away Kenwood eXcelon vehicle specific speakers-KFC-XP6903C, an ADS-MRR and ADS-MRR (Demo) for store displays along with a multitude of products from JBL/Infinity including reference marine speakers w/ RGB, a JBL CLUB 10” flat sub plus 6.5” and 6×9” speakers in the Club series.”

Greg Wallace, AVR Sales Manager, pictured with one of the exciting new Infinity KAPPA Marine products that grabbed attention at the Open House events.

Attendees offered all of the presenters did a fantastic job and the evenings were very informative and enjoyable.

Mark Rutledge making a point covering iDatalink Maestro offerings.

Concluding, Wallace commented “At AVR we are very happy to be partnered with brands that are so supportive for our dealers. We also greatly appreciate our loyal dealers that make the effort to join us every year for this event from all parts of the territory. Over the last few years we have noticed that dealers have put a greater emphasis on training which is fantastic.”

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