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AudioStak Interactive…Switching and Car Audio Displays

NANAIMO, BC, CANADA (08.05.2019) – AudioStak Interactive, produces switching and interactive electronics for mobile electronics retail displays, especially car audio displays. Although AudioStak products have been an industry mainstay for over 15 years, and benchmark of quality and reliability, most store owners are not familiar with AudioStak. In fact AudioStack has produced 1000’s modules and switchers as a supplier to other vendors.

Elliott Sancan is pictured with a selection QuickStak modules, pre-wired Molex cable assemblies, buttons and cables at his desk in AudioStak HQ in Nanaimo, BC Canada.

AudioStak’s Elliott Sancan related to 12volt News “We are hearing from rep firm members who tell us 12volt retailers are looking to upgrade their displays. Also, news opportunities are appearing in the RV industry. Our new QuickStak product will provide solutions for many applications.”

AudioStak is introducing QuickStak. QuickStak is a new, easy to install switcher for today’s 12volt sales floor. Many stores think of using a display to sell product, but the display is only a “box” before switching is added. QuickStak switching is what transform that “box” into a powerful new member of the store’s sales team. It’s what provides convincing product demonstrations which gives customers confidence that the retailer will deliver the quality expected.

Previously many switching systems required specialized technicians to complete the switching system installation. Often the technicians had to travel to the store for final setup. QuickStak is different because it is easily installed by virtually anyone. Audio cables and buttons are included as pre-wired Molex cable assemblies.

Whether it’s the new AudioStak ELEVATE Series of turnkey displays, a display built by a store to demonstrate and show off their fabrication skills or retrofit an old display QuickStak switching provides the solution.

QuickStak switching makes it easy and cost effective to upgrade a store’s mobile electronics display.

Visit audiostak.com for more.


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