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Audiomobile Returned to KnowledgeFest

LAS VEGAS, NV (03.07.19) – Audiomobile showed their latest products at the MEA KnowlegdeFest in Long Beach, February 22nd-24th.

Audiomobile is uniquely positioned and specifically created to provide Specialty 12Volt Retailers truly exceptional, high-performance, minimal form factor, relevant solutions, that are protected from ever increasingly challenging Internet pricing-pressures. Dealers who are seeking high-quality brands focused on delivering the rare combination of relevant solutions, with value and reliability, at competitive price-points are strongly encouraged to lean more about the new Audiomobile product lineup.

Matt Overpeck, Audiomobile VP of Sales and Marketing, shown holding an Exact Series 44 Magnum 12” subwoofer in the company’s booth in Long Beach.

The Exact 4415, part of the Audiomobile Exact 4K Series, is a new 15” subwoofer shown in Long Beach.

Audiomobile debuted several new models, including their first high-power “Exact” series of subwoofers, as well as additional models of their unique “SoloPass” line of prefab, low-profile, vehicle specific enclosures, which have been specifically engineered to work with their formidable subwoofers, as well as designed and optimized to work with their unique, pre-tuned, “MCAR” (Modular Coupled Acoustic Radiator) transducers.

See more at www.Facebook.com/Audiomobileusa. Retailers who are interested in learning more are welcome to call Audiomobile at (310) 941-2171, or to contact the company at [email protected].

Visit audiomobile.net for more.

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