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AudioControl to Provide Manufacturer Training Seminars at KnowledgeFest

SEATTLE, WA (02.21.2019) – AudioControl is bringing excitement and education to the 2019 Knowledgefest, February 23-25 at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center. AudioControl will be highlighting innovative new car audio products plus a sleek 2019 Corvette demo vehicle featuring a stunning sound system.

On display will be the groundbreaking DM-RTA, a precision audio calibration tool that enables installation technicians to provide their customers with the best possible sound quality tailored to their listening preferences. Knowledgefest attendees will also see the new AC-BT24 Bluetooth Module, providing wireless connectivity and streaming to AudioControl’s D-6.1200 amplifier, DM-RTA and digital signal processors, as well as their full line of premium OEM upgrade solutions.

Training Seminar Schedule AudioControl Training will be held Saturday, February 23rd at 12:30pm (Meeting Room: Seaside 4B) and Sunday February 24th at 4:45 pm (Meeting Room: Seaside 7). Those interested in attending can contact Chris Bennett at [email protected] or register directly at the Knowledgefest website. AudioControl’s training seminar at Knowledgefest is already receiving a lot of industry attention, so early registration is recommended.

Course Description The launch of AudioControl’s new DM-RTA has enabled dealers to deliver the best sound possible while simplifying processes for technicians and cutting installation time with this new, game-changing all-in-one test tool. AudioControl’s Director of Mobile Audio, Chris Bennett, will be showing the features and benefits of having the DM-RTA available and making sure you have the know how to use it properly. Come and learn about AudioControl’s unique approach to making new and innovative products that continue to deliver the five pillars of great products: Price, Power, Performance, Unique Features and the Best Warranty.


High-Performance OEM Integration From active line output converters to signal processors and amplifiers, AudioControl has long led the way in providing sophisticated solutions for OEM audio upgrades. OEM integration represents a vital opportunity for every mobile electronics specialist, and AudioControl solutions deliver superb sound for nearly any application and are easy to install. The 2019 Corvette demo vehicle features the legendary DM-810 processor along with AudioControl’s industry leading amplifiers that are sure to rock Knowledgefest.

DM-RTA The AudioControl DM-RTA is a sophisticated yet compact audio analyzer containing powerful analysis software designed to provide installers with the features of a fully functioning Oscilloscope, Voltage Meter, Real Time Audio Analyzer (RTA), SPL Meter and Polarity Checker. Because installers are often on-the-go and in cramped spaces when building a car audio system, the DM-RTA was designed to be light weight, compact and durable. Input/output options are staggering, including balanced XLR inputs, phono and RCA style unbalanced inputs as well as speaker level inputs designed to make OEM audio system interface a snap. Digital audio output options include Optical, COAX and USB. The DM-RTA is powered by a 5-hour rechargeable battery so that it can be effortlessly deployed anywhere.

AC-BT24 Bluetooth Module The brand new AudioControl AC-BT24 Bluetooth streamer/programmer has been designed to give installers intuitive, wireless control over AudioControl’s DM-Series processors, DM-RTA and D-6.1200 amplifier while also enabling users to stream high-quality music from their mobile devices.

2019 Corvette Demo Vehicle AudioControl will be showcasing their car audio products in a jaw-dropping 2019 Corvette Stingray crafted by Brian Garin of Infinite Auto Design in Bellflower, CA. The system features an AudioControl DM-810 processor that manages the OEM integration with the factory radio and provides DSP for system tuning. A front 3-way speaker system, rear fill speakers and dual 12-inch subwoofers are all powered by five AudioControl LC-Series amplifiers that provide outstanding control and detail through the full frequency bandwidth. The installation features an outstanding custom amplifier / subwoofer assembly.

Click the links below to register:

Saturday, February 23rd – 12.30pm – Seaside 4B

Sunday, February 24th – 4.45pm – Seaside 7

Visit audiocontrol.com for more.


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