• Mike Van Horn

Audio By Art Says “Thank You Wet Sounds!!”

SHREVEPORT, LA (04.08.2019) – Art Ceballos, Audio By Art owner says “Thank you to Wet Sounds and 12volt News”. Art put together a cool video after receiving his prize from Wet Sounds and posted it to Instagram.

Click below to view this video via @audiobyart

Click here to view the above video on instagram.com/audiobyart

Audio By Art was the winner of 12volt Spin-To-Win Wheel spin number 10 February 8th. The Wheel landed on the Wet Sounds and the Audio By Art slip was drawn from the jar. The Wet Sounds prize was a WS420 BT 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with 3 zone operation, built in Bluetooth and talk back microphone for marine applications. MSRP is over $400.

During a follow up call to Art he said “So great to win the Wet Sounds 420BT. I am waiting for the right install for the 420BT. Winning this was really awesome.”

Click below to view this image via @audiobyart

Click here to view the above image on instagram.com/audiobyart

In Art’s San Antonio location an extensive expansion project is underway in the installation bay area. In an Instagram post Art noted “Here we go. Making our cave shine… super exciting to see our work area transformation.”

Audio By Art (@audiobyart) makes very frequent Instagram posts and does exceptionally creative custom work.

Click here to view the above image on instagram.com/12voltnews

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