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Apollo Window Film Adds to Rep Network

DALLAS, TX (02.27.2019) – As summer and the window tint season approached Apollo Window Film has added 2 well known 12volt rep firms to the company’s representative network.

JC Carnes, Apollo Window Film National Sales Manager, related “We are proud to announce that Houston-based Wojtas & Associates and Art Rickless- A.I.R. & Associates will be presenting Apollo Window Film, the best window film under the sun, will to retailers in their territories. It’s great to have both of these industry veterans on the Apollo Team.”

Art Rickless

Wojtas & Associates will cover TX, OK, LA and AK. A.I.R & Associates will cover ME, NY, RI, NH, VT, MA and CT. See contact information below:

Alan Wojtas Wojtas & Associates 281-550-8484 [email protected]

Art Rickless A.I.R. & Associates 413-348-6756 [email protected]

“Since 2006, Apollo Window Film has been one of the leading Window Film Companies in North America. Its unique approach to quality control has allowed it to quickly grow into a nationwide phenomenon. The company’s Window Film has undergone countless lab and on the field testing that has resulted in the production of a great product. ” -Maged Awad, President CEO

Apollo has built their success, and continue to grow, by following the “Total Quality Philosophy” Apollo Window Film 4 rules: • Listening to customer needs. • Passion and dedication to service Window Film needs. • Expert staff that offers the best solution and customer service. • Absolutely highest quality products.

Visit apollowindowfilm.com for more.


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