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Angel’s Annual Dealer Appreciation Event Rolled February 23rd and 24th

BIRMINGHAM, AL (03.01.2019) – 12volt dealers from across the southeast traveled to Birmingham for the Annual Angel Dealer Appreciation Show held at the company’s facility. A large group of manufacturer reps and factory staff members, along with Angel Team members were on site to discuss new products for 2019. There were also great deals, close-out specials, and buy-ins along with 3 product training sessions. The Saturday night party at the LaQuinta Conference Center got everything started in spite of the foul weather.

Chuck Kinney (L) and Bob Anderson flank retailer Elvis Scott-the Winner in the BoomMat training event. Kinney is the National Sales Manager of DEI’s BoomMat brand and Anderson is the Rep Principal of N Motion.

Over 80 12volt retailers were on site with a total crowd considerably more. A delicious catered lunch from the Full Moon BBQ…known as The Best Little Pork House… was enjoyed by all.

Ernie Welch (R) and Randy Goodwin flank Johnny Helms the winner in the Euphoria Training meeting.

Key vendors on site for the event included Kicker, JVC Mobile Entertainment, Directed, PowerBass, Metra, Polk Audio, Rostra, RaceSport, Audiovox/Advent, Accele, Linkswell, Design Engineering, AAMP/PAC, Audio Control, Q Power, iDatalink, Sony, GDI Tint Tools and GSM Outdoors.

Jeffrey James (R), AAMP Global, with Joel Hutchinson-the winner in the PAC training.

New brands on the Angel line card and exhibiting at the show included Wet Sounds and Renegade Car Audio plus Euphoria from DB Research.

WeatherTech rep Michael Davis with a great display set up in the Angel warehouse.

Jeff Falk, PowerBass Eastern Regional related, “We had a super CES and dealers were excited to check our new lineup for 2019 at this show. Our PowerSports, Marine and car audio products are strong and will provide Angel dealers with the right products at the right price.”

Wet Sounds is a new brand on the Angel line card and rep Scott Hochmuth, Real Performance Marketing, is pictured with displays and product.

Bob Anderson, N Motion, related “I was on site as the area rep for BoomMat. Chuck Kinney, the BoomMat National Sales Manager, was at the show and I enjoyed working with him as he is a Rock Star at distributor events.”

Jeff Falk, PowerBass Eastern Regional, shows a new PowerBass amplifier to a dealer at the Angel Show.

Chad Seekers, Angel GM, stated to 12voltnews.com, “In addition to great product presentations we had a slate of key product training sessions on Sunday afternoon. Randy Goodwin and Ernie Welch conducted a Euphoria session, Chuck Kinney a Design Engineering session and AAMP’s Jeffrey James handled PAC product session for our dealers at the show.”

John Howell, MC Marketing, in his corner at the show with RaceSport, Rostra and LinksWell lines. Howell was also honored as the Rep of the Year at the Angel Show.

Renegade Car Audio is a new line at Angel and Charlie Angel (R) is pictured with area rep Fred Delaney.

During the show a number of awards were presented by Charlie Angel to his company’s business partners. Metra was honored as the Manufacturer of the Year, John Howell-MC Marketing, Rep of the Year and Jimmy’s Car Stereo as the Retailer of the Year.

Custom Lines is the new retailer in the area and attending the Angel Show for the first time. Owner John Brian is flanked by Colin Knight (L) and Randy Russell.

Angel concluded “This year’s show was very good across the board. Dealer turnout was very good and our vendors stepped up with super offers for our dealers. I would also thank all of our dealers who attended with a special thanks to the Angel team that put in so much effort to make our 2019 event a winner.”

Scott Hines, the Audiovox regional in the area, pictured with a wide selection of the company’s products stocked by Angel Distributing.

Tom Comenole (L) and Paul Von Feldt traveled up from Metra HQ to work the Angel Show. Metra received the Angel Manufacturer of the Year Award.

A special thanks from the 12volt News to Chad, and Gina, Seekers who supplied a ton of great images.

Chris Way, Accele VP, traveled from company HQ in Los Angeles to show the company’s latest the Angel Show.

The Sunday show, from 9 AM – 4 PM, was at the Angel Warehouse 621 Robert Jemison Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209.

Visit angeldistributing.com for more.

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