• Mike Van Horn

American Bass Announces MAP Policy


SOLON, OH (09.13.2018) – Cleveland-based audio equipment and accessories manufacturer, American Bass USA, has implemented a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy to address the unauthorized sale of American Bass products on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.

American Bass adopted the policy after learning American Bass equipment and accessories were being promoted by online sellers at prices below the minimum price the company determined to be fair to its dealers, distributors and customers.

“These practices are in direct violation of the agreements we have in place with our sellers. We take these matters seriously since selling below MAP undercuts our dealers’ and distributors’ prices, making it difficult for them to successfully compete in the marketplace.” -Gurwin Ahuja, Vice President

The implementation of the new policy has resulted in a 64% decline in products being sold below MAP price since the beginning of the year. “We’re pleased to see these results,” said Ahuja. “American Bass is committed to the success of our distributors and dealers, so we will continue to aggressively address these issues as they arise.”

Visit www.americanbassusa.com for more.


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