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Alcohol Detection Systems Rolling Out in Oregon

MADRAS, OR (01.03.2019) – Alcohol Detection Systems, Directed Company, can provide 12volt retailers with an new profit center.

ADS State Manager for Oregon Andrea O’Connor going over the calibration process with Detail Kings’ owner Miguel Estrada. Oregon State drivers on the program are required to visit a service center for calibration every 30 days.

Bob Hernandez, Alcohol Detection Systems Channel Manager, recently made a trip to work the Oregon territory. “We see this as a new profit center for 12volt retailers. It’s a different business and takes time in the beginning to become familiar with the business model. Once that is in place it’s a simple and straight forward process. Almost all 12volt retailers are selling remotes starters. Installing an Alcohol Detection System ignition interlock is very similar.”

While in Oregon Hernandez worked with Andrea O’Connor who is the Alcohol Detection Systems Manager for the State of Oregon. Hernandez and O’Connor worked across the state making dealer calls, setting up new dealers plus conducting calibration and installation meetings with new retailers.

In these images, ADS-Directed Tech Trainer Nate Andersen conducts live field training of the ADS Determinator II ignition interlock device while Miguel and partner Gustavo Estrada follow each step.

O’Connor stated “Drivers with DUI’s are referred to approved Alcohol Detection Systems retailers by the courts, driving schools and/or attorneys. An appointment is made for the installation and calibration of the driver. Once the installation and calibration processes are complete the driver is scheduled for future visits to monitor results. Typically a driver is scheduled once a month to be monitored.”

The 12volt retailer generates revenue from the initial sale and installation plus each visit to monitor results.

The setup of Detail Kings Service Center, in Madras OR, was conducted by Hernandez and O’Connor. ADS-Directed Tech Nate Andersen was also on site to cover installation of the ADS Determinator II ignition lock devise with owner Miguel Estrada and partner Gustavo Estrada.

Detail Kings provides a variety of aftermarket auto services in their area.

Miguel Estrada commented to 12volt News “We saw Alcohol Detection Systems as a new category and profit opportunity. We have space in the bays and all the tools already. There is virtually no inventory cost and the drivers come back to the shop, generally every month, for a year. Andrea covered all the bases to get setup and how to calibrate the driver’s test. All that is set and we are ready once the state adds us to the approved list.”

Alcohol Detection Systems is one of 8 companies approved by the state of Oregon and now has 15 centers set up.

Strengthen your relationship within the community by providing a service that makes your community a safer place. Contact ADS to learn more about how to become an authorized service center: adsinterlock.com/HelpCenter/BecomeServiceCenter

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