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AIS Releases 7.2” Wide-Screen Mirror / Monitor with 4 Inputs

MARIETTA, GA (07.10.2019) – AIS has just announced the release of their new UM74, a 7.2” universal super-wide mirror monitor with Blindwatch and four camera video inputs. This new mirror monitor gives the driver the ability to have front, rear and side cameras for added safety and convenience.

Cris Sharp, National Sales Manager for AIS said, “We are very excited to be launching this product in the market. We know there’s a huge demand for this item and we are happy to fill it for our dealers.”

AIS was the first to introduce the 7.3” mirror monitor in an OEM housing in 2014. Suggested Retail $399.

FEATURES: · 7.2” Super-Wide LCD Mirror Monitor · OEM Housing · 4 Camera Triggers · Rear Camera Input · Front, Cargo or Trailer Camera Input · Built-In Latching Relays For Turn Signal Flash · Adjustable Built-In Guidelines · Soft Touch Camera Selector Button · Split-Screen Image · 8 Different Camera Views · Remote Control

AIS CEO, Kelley Vickers added, “AIS products, are not sold to internet retailers or sold on the internet, thereby allowing our valued network of nationwide dealers the most profitable line of safety products available today. Outside of providing the best and most innovative products, our number one goal is to protect the profit of our dealers and this is why they are fiercely loyal to the AIS brand.”

Click here to view the UM74 product webpage.

AIS carries over 2,800 SKUs and offers a three year warranty for key dealers. AIS can be reached at 800-365-6060 and www.aisinterface.com. To view the UM74 product webpage, click here.


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