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Acoustic Edge Institute Trains Students for a 12Volt Career

HOUSTON, TX (06.25.2019) – The Acoustic Edge Institute prepares students for a career in the 12volt and home AV installation profession. Founded in 2000 the Acoustic Edge Institute offers courses in a variety of different automotive and audio interests including custom fabrication and interior work along with audio installation plus residential and commercial multimedia installation.

Sean Ramirez working on an upholstery project. Sean completed courses at the Acoustic Edge on Friday, June 21st and started at Car Toys Houston the following Monday.

Acoustic Edge Institute also offers MECP Certification. This impressive lineup of classes offers students a curriculum of well rounded courses that will prepare them for a successful career in the 12volt and home AV installation fields.

The Acoustic Edge Institute is housed in a 12,000 foot facility that features well appointed classrooms as well as fabrication shop, upholstery shop, multimedia room and a car audio boom room. The boom room rocks with a wall of forty 12” subwoofers powered with a 2000 watt amplifier. Folks who enter the boom room quickly experience car audio as never before.

Students have plenty a room in the shop to work on cool projects-like this ‘29 Ford.

Dave Campbell, Director, has been onboard at the Acoustic Edge Institute for 7 years and handles the Institute’s day to day business activities. Campbell stated “Working to place our graduates is key for us at the Acoustic Edge Institute. A very recent example is Sean Ramirez. Sean is a veteran who wanted a career in mobile electronics. While taking classes he fell in love with custom upholstery. Sean completed classes on Friday, June 21st and the following Monday was onboard at Car Toys in Houston”.

In addition to the set schedule of classes, the Acoustic Edge Institute is available for vendors to host training sessions.

This custom enclosure was a recent class project.

“It’s a different world today when it comes to making an installation in a vehicle. The complexity of onboard technology in vehicles to day is mind boggling. OEM integration of car audio, connectivity, safety and lighting products is complex. Our students, who complete our courses, with a solid background in physics and electronics understand the “beast.” Top companies are waiting in line to employ our true ‘Top Gun’ graduates” Damon Hill related.

The Acoustic Edge Institute has comprehensive programs in place that include financing, housing and a path to employment.

Visit www.acousticedge.com for more.


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