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405 Car Audio Opens in OKC, OK

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (03.21.2019) – 405 Car Audio held the company’s Grand Opening on Saturday, March 16th. Gary Davis, the owner of the business, has an extensive background installing car audio and has competed in sound-offs since the 90’s. Most recently Davis worked from a home based location.

Gary Davis pictured at the entrance of 405 Car Audio in OKC, OK.

Davis stated to 12voltnews.com “Over time business grew as more customers were looking for a shop that met their needs for top installation and service… all with a personal touch. That led us to open this new location”.

Mel Valadez was on site at the Grand Opening supporting the AAMP Brands.

Continuing, Davis related “Our Grand Opening crowd really surprised us. Close to 100 people attended. We promoted the event on FaceBook and Instagram only. We had good sales and booked 4 jobs. Everyone enjoyed the Oklahoma BBQ, too.”

A group of happy customers in the showroom with Gary Davis (L).

Mel Valadez, AAMP Global area representative, commented “Seeing the crowd at 405’s Grand Opening was so cool. Those attending were into car audio and music. Gary stocks Stinger, PAC, EchoMaster and iSimple. Stinger will be a big mover.”

405 Car Audio operates from a 2,400 square foot location. Six vehicles will fit in the installation bay and the rollup door is high enough for a RV to fit into the bay.

The company’s logo is eye-catching!

Key brands in stock at 405 Car Audio include DD Audio, CrossFire and Sundown Audio.

405 Car Audio is located at 350 Vermont, Suite 206 in Oklahoma City, OK. See @405_caraudio on Instagram.

All the best to Gary and 405 Car Audio.

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