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2019 Car Audio Championship – Louisville, KY – Oct. 12-13

LOUISVILLE, KY (02.15.2019) – The 2019 Car Audio Championship will take place October 12-13, 2019 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY.

The car audio organizations of dB Drag Racing Association (dBDRA), Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) and International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) are all partners in this unified finals event.

“Every year, the strength of the Unified Finals effort continues to grow” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA “We’re proud to be part of our industry and to contribute to its success, along with such great organizations as dB Drag and MECA. We look forward to seeing all our fellow car audio enthusiasts in Louisville once again!”

Competitors will accrue points throughout the season to gain an invitation to the championship. With over 300 cars anticipated to compete, the event will be one of the largest indoor sound off competitions! The competition will take place in two halls of the KY Exposition Center and will occupy more than 110,000 square feet of indoor space. The SPL portion of the event will be held in Broadbent Arena while the Sound Quality judging will take place in the adjacent pavilion. The competition will take place both Saturday and Sunday with the trophies being presented on Sunday afternoon at the conclusion of the event.

This is a great event for all things aftermarket audio and audio accessories! Several exhibitors will be on site demonstrating their products and talking to consumers. Local audio retailers will help with promotion of the event in their stores in the Louisville and surrounding areas. Competitors and spectators will have a chance to win free prizes throughout the 2-day event.

MECA’s Steve Stern commented, “MECA is proud to be part of the Car Audio Championship event in Louisville, KY as we conclude the 2019 season. The Mobile Electronics Industry has no better advocates than IASCA, dB Drag Racing, and MECA. When the 3 organizations partner to create this event, we do it with the intention of putting on a big showcase, so the Industry will shine. With 300+ vehicles participating and Manufacturers on display, there is eye-candy and ear-candy a-plenty. We want everyone who loves car audio and car shows to join in the fun of a serious branding and networking opportunity.”

In addition to the invitational portion of the event, local audio enthusiasts have several opportunities to enter the competition with 2020 season kick off events taking places as well. Competition formats are available for SPL, SQ, Motorcycle Audio, Kids Power Wheels, Show N Shine and Ride the Lite at Night! These entries are open entry and are separate from the invitational portion of the championship event!

“The dBDRA is super excited to be back in Louisville, KY. The Kentucky Expo Center is a great facility and is centrally located for many competitors. This is a great venue for the FINALS and we are excited to be partnering with IASCA and MECA again this year. This collaborative effort amongst the organizations and competitors is a such a positive experience for the aftermarket auto sound and accessory industry,” said dB Drag Racing Association Marketing Director, Celise Harris .

For more questions or information regarding sponsorships for the event, contact one of the organization representatives.

Celise Harris – dB Drag Racing Association Tel 512-377-6068 Email: [email protected] Website: dbdrag.com

Moe Sabourin – IASCA Tel 386-322-1551 Email: [email protected] Website: iasca.com

Steve Stern – MECA Tel: 615-851-7428 Email: [email protected] Website: mecacaraudio.com

Visit facebook.com/CarAudioChampionship for more.


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