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12Volt Companies at the High Lifter Mud Nationals

HILL CITY, MN (06.20.2019) The High Lifter Mud Nationals, held June 9th-11th at the Quadna Mountain Park in Hill City, was a time for all to get down and dirty on the trails. It was also a time for 12volt companies, driving the PowerSports audio category, to rock. Participants had access to 3 days of riding, cranking up the volume on the trails, visiting with vendors on site, attending concerts and more.

The DNR team set up with the brands they represented JL Audio, Wet Sounds and PowerBass at the Mud Nationals.

The DNR rep firm was on site representing JL Audio, Wet Sounds and PowerBass. DNR’s Principal Jeff Causton, along with James Mullen and Dan Fasching, displayed products they represent to power sports enthusiasts for the 3 action packed days. DNR was also supporting Trail Star Audio know as a key player in the PowerSports circles.

The PowerBass RZR1000, created it by Soundwaves MN was front and center. High Lifter Crash Bars were also highlighted.

Trail Star Audio’s Chuck Holey stated “The PowerSports category is experiencing tremendous growth. 12volt brands like PowerBass, JL Audio and Wet Sounds that we take to market have positioned themselves to drive sales in the PowerSports category. Being visible at events like Mud Nationals is a key to continued growth.”

Chuck Holey, Trail Star Audio, and his wife pictured with a Wet Sounds SHIV55 cooler.

Mullen related “Mud Nationals was a great opportunity to partner the the Upper Midwest’s largest PowerBass Powersports retailer in Trail Star Audio. We displayed and demoed a diverse selection of SxS and ATV products to attendees. The PowerBass XL Sound Bars were the best selling products for Trail Star Audio for the weekend. There is nothing better than seeing many happy enthusiasts enjoying products we represent. We are looking forward to next year’s Mud Nationals with High Lifter and Trail Star Audio.”

The band played into the night on Friday night…first day of the High Lifter Mud Nationals.

A featured Polaris RZR 1000, created by Soundwaves in Anoka MN, was loaded with PowerBass speakers, sound bar and amplifiers. Soundwave’s CJ Boyer was behind the RZR installation. In addition to High Lifter crash bars and snorkel work was part of the build. Custom graphics also make the RZR1000 stand out along vendor row.

Hundreds and hundreds of enthusiasts filled the Quadna Mountain Park.

The Wet Sounds booth highlighted the SHIV55 cooler. Whether on the trail, marine or highway the Wet Sounds SHIV55 keeps beverages cold and rocks bit time.

UTVs lit up the night at Mud Nationals too.

Kaci Anderson, High Lifter event coordinator, related to the 12volt News “The event at Quadna was terrific. Such a great turnout and weather. There are not many events were folks can bring their SxS’s and ride, go to a concert and attend other activities as well.”

MQ Quart and Rockford Fosgate were 2 additional 12volt companies that had a presence on site at the Mud Nationals in Hill City, MN.


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