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dB Drag Racing / USACi Unified Finals

dB Drag Racing / USACi Unified Finals Tulsa, OK – The dB Drag Racing and USACi Unified World Finals filled the Tulsa Convention Center in downtown Tulsa on Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd & 4th. CarToys, a key 12volt retailer in the Tulsa marketplace, was the host retailer.

dB Drag Racing’s Wayne Harris, CarToy’s Rob Rice and USACi’s Ralph Randall were in total agreement that the event came off without a hitch.

Sirius XM Radio Announces Extensive MLB Postseason Coverage

Post Season New York, NY – SIRIUS XM Radio has announced that it will offer baseball fans extensive coverage of the 2009 Major League Baseball postseason starting Wednesday, October 7, with live play-by-play of every game on XM, plus playoff talk and analysis every day on SIRIUS XM’s MLB Home Plate and Mad Dog Radio channels.

Precision Interface Electronics Invites the Industry to Visit “PIE Central” at SEMA 2009

Precision Interface Electronics Invites the Industry to Visit “PIE Central” at SEMA 2009 Chatsworth, CA – Precision Interface Electronics (PIE) is inviting all industry professionals to visit the PIE booth at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company will be displaying a host of products that have been introduced to the 12-volt industry throughout the year, as well as new products that are scheduled to launch in 2010.

AT&T Cruisecast – What's going on?

AT&T Cruisecast After AT&T Cruisecast’s bright introduction at the 2008 SEMA Show, reports coming in today lend to the possibility of dark clouds overhead for the invehicle television and audio delivery company.

12volt retailers who market the product are reporting that as of yesterday, they are unable to facilitate new activations. An AT&T Cruisecast rep conference call, Wednesday (AM) October 7th, yielded reports that uncertainty exists as the company addresses the marketplace.

Showcase Sirius XM Rock 'N' Reward in Your Store

Showcase Sirius XM Rock 'N' Rewards in Your Store

The Sirius XM Rock ‘N’ Rewards Visa Prepaid Card initiative is a tremendous offer for new subscribers. For 12volt retailers, the program is a great tool to help close the sale.

Sirius XM has developed a strong instore point-of-sale package to highlight their latest offer on the retail sales floor. The Rock ‘N’ Rewards package includes a counter-top easel, a pad of info sheets and a large poster – all highlighting the Sirius XM Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $100 for new subscribers.

M. Rothman's 59th Annual Dealer Appreciation

M. Rothman & Co - 59th Annual Dealer Appreciation New York, NY – Dealers attending the 2009 M Rothman company’s annual dealer appreciation event, September 22nd, were treated to an extra special expereience. M Rothman’s 59th annual event was held at the new Yankee Stadium.

The Legends Suite was packed with hundreds of area dealers who made the trip to pick up great deals, tour the new stadium, meet with the M Rothman team of vendors and see new products.

Sirius XM Dials are Rockin' with Fresh Content

Sirius XM NHL hockey is underway on the airwaves and will culminate next spring with the Stanley Cup.

XM subscribers have access to live, play-by-play action of every regular season game and the playoffs on XM channels 294-209. Sirius subscribers with the” Best of XM” programming can enjoy most regular season games plus the post season on Sirius channels 208-220.

A Letter from Bill Summers, President of PIE

Bill Summers, President of P.I.E.

Dear Friends,

There’s only one thing that moves faster than you when you’re staying busy: time. And boy, does it fly.

This quarter marks 20 years since Precision Interface Electronics first opened its doors, selling Din to RCA adapters, high end patch cords and line out converters to car stereo dealers across America. We were a pretty small outfit back then, housed in a small commercial unit we had rented. I remember our very first sale was to Michael Mahfood at First Mark Trading in Texas. »

A Rock 'N' Reward from Sirius XM

Rock 'N' Reward There has never been a better time for new subscribers to start enjoying Sirius XM Satellite Radio. 12 volt retailers should tune into this exceptionally strong fourth quarter promotion to maximize Sirius XM sales.

The Sirius XM Rock ‘N’ Reward promotion offers new subscribers a Sirius XM Rewards Visa prepaid card with a value of up to $100.

Boody's Garage Adds Another Tour Van to the "Boody Patrol"

Boodys Garage Omaha, NE – Jeff Budin of SMS Inc. (and creator of Boody’s Garage) is proud to announce the Sixth member of his Tour Van Sponsorship campaign called the “Boody Patrol”. The newest musician getting Boody-fied is THE HAMILTON LOOMIS BAND. Jeff has developed some fantastic relationships with Blues/ Rock musicians over the past year, but maybe none stronger than with Hamilton and his band. So it was easy for Boody to once again ask the help of his manufacturer partners for some tour van sponsorship.