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TNT Amplifiers T500W/2 15% Off Dealer Pricing Valid until 11/26/18

(11/20/2018) – For car audio enthusiasts who are searching for a remarkably strong amplifier to keep up with the rest of their audio systems; Earthquake Sound has got your back. The Earthquake TNT Series T500W/2 Class “A/B” amplifier has the power and intensity that offers more than enough options to cover the needs of any audio setup. The 2-channel T500W/2 is loaded with features such as speaker and RCA level inputs, built in variable filters, 3-way operational (High Pass/Full Range/Low Pass) modes, gain control adjustment, and 0–18dB bass boost.

The T500W/2 integrates patented output technologies and is also built with massive MOSFET power supplies and high quality circuitry that ensures more power and cleaner sound. Better yet, Earthquake Sound has added a special AUTO SIGNAL SENSING Feature which allows installers to turn on the amplifier without using the remote wire. By simply connecting the RCA or speaker level inputs to the amplifier, it will turn on automatically when it senses an audio signal. This feature makes upgrading the sound system in many of the latest model vehicles easier for installers as it eliminates the need to connect a remote turn on wire to the amplifier. Give your audio systems the power and intensity that they deserve with the Earthquake T500W/2 amplifier.