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Brandmotion Releases New Trailer Camera System

SOUTHFIELD, MI (07.24.2018) – Backing up a trailer can be a complicated and lengthy process. Maybe you have been in a similar situation; one filled with confusion and a good amount of frustration between you and your spotter. However, the difficulty in backing up your trailer arises from one main issue: The inability for you to see behind the trailer you are towing.

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Imagine if you had complete vision behind your trailer. That exhausting process between you and your spotter could be completely eliminated, and you could have your trailer where you want it in a matter of seconds. Brandmotion’s Trailer Camera System is an innovative towing solution that dramatically improves your ability to back a trailer into the desired spot.

Speaking on the company’s recent product release, Brandmotion Founder and President Jeff Varick said, “We’re very excited to introduce the first auto-connect trailer towing camera system for GM, Ford, and Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge / Ram factory display radios. Trailer cameras aren’t new, but we’ve taken the time and hassle out of connecting a trailer camera to a tow vehicle, by offering the first auto-connect integration to factory display radios. Simply connect your trailer with an installed Brandmotion trailer camera to your truck or SUV tow vehicle, and the system instantly switches from displaying the factory tailgate camera to the Brandmotion trailer camera.”

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The new camera system is an excellent solution for powersport, marine, RV, farming, and equestrian trailers. Each system comes with a waterproof, rust proof, vehicle mounted quick connect cable, and a waterproof, shockproof stand alone camera. Brandmotion also offers a unique dual camera System with a monitor display; One for backing up, and one for watching the contents of your trailer. This is an ideal application for checking on valuable cargo without leaving the vehicle while still seeing behind your trailer (auto-detect is available on factory display integrations only). When it comes to safety, convenience, and innovation, you can always count on Brandmotion as your aftermarket, vehicle safety electronics provider.

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