KICKER Adds Marketing Pros to Sales Representative Mix


STILLWATER, OK (07.17.2018) – Stillwater Designs is announcing the addition of industry veterans Marketing Pros, Inc., (Conroe, Texas) to its force of sales representatives for the KICKER brand, effective immediately. The Marketing Pros team boasts nearly 200 years of combined sales experience, working with dealers in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. The firm is currently among the five finalists for the “2018 Top 5 Sales Reps” award, to be handed out at the Mobile Electronics Industry Awards held during MEA KnowledgeFest August 17-19.

“Having been familiar with this team for many years, I’m extremely excited at the opportunity to work with them,” said Tom Heath, Stillwater Designs Vice President, Domestic Sales and Marketing. “We felt (Marketing Pros) believe in many of the same core values of our own company, beginning with strong fundamentals like first-class customer service and follow-through.”


Marketing Pros is nearing its 40th year of supporting manufacturers in the 12-volt industry, which includes numerous national “Rep Firm-of-the-Year” awards under its belt. The team, under principal George Reed, has flourished using ideas based around servicing partners regularly, reinforcing sales and product trainings, and removing obstacles for seamless solutions. According to its website, Marketing Pros strives to “share know-how it has learned and pass it forward to retailers to help them raise their product, sales and installation standards.”

Marketing Pros includes team members George Reed, Pete Daley (president), Mike Penny (vice president), Jim Wehling, Jimmy Chauffe, Mark Sartain, Kristin Daley and Stephanie Reed. The firm is a long-time member of MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) and CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association).

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