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iBeam Vehicle Safety Systems Introduces Micro-Cameras

HOLLY HILL, FL (07.14.2018) – Metra Electronics has announced that micro-cameras are being rollout by iBeam Vehicle Safety Systems. The TE-MICM, TE-MIIRB, TE-MIIRW and the TE-MIFM are used primarily as reverse cameras, but can also be used in multiple locations including front and side, providing drivers with optimum views. In most installations the video is shown on an aftermarket screen, but they can be paired easily with an Axxess interface to allow images to appear on an original factory installed screen.

Micro is an accurate description for these cameras as they add zero ‘bulk’ to the profile of the vehicle. Three of the models are not a flush mounts, but have the ability to be mounted in two different directions. Each has a 180 degree vertical view with a switchable image, and is able to be mounted under the lip of a trunk lid or on a high-vantage point on the back of a work van. The micro-cameras also offer selectable parking lines and have the ability to mirror an image.

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“Having the confidence to drive knowing you are covered from all angles provides the next level in safety. Installing iBeam micro- cameras removes the dangers of backing up blindly or awkwardly trying to parallel Park in a tight space,” said Stephanie Carver, director of iBeam product development.

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