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ScyTek Electronics, Inc. Introduces StarLink System

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA (06.12.2018) – ScyTek Electronics, Inc. has released its most innovative cost effective vehicle security / remote start system to date. This system provides maximum flexibility with minimum installation time.

This unique system is comprised of all plug and play modules from a low cost single security module to a high end Remote Start/Alarm system utilizing Smart Phone 4G LTE cellular and GPS technology.

Save money on inventory: keep your stock lean, mix and match the modules to build the systems you sell.

Installation is simplified: all modules are plug and play, use single security module, and only connect what you need.

StarLink Compatible Modules:

  • Main Module
    • A15, G27 – Low Cost Vehicle Security/Remote Start
    • 2-way Pager plugin Accessory
  • ReLink – Relay module; provides positive high current outputs for remote start installations
  • MobiLink – GPS and 4G LTE cellular module; provides Smart Phone control and location monitor
  • iDataLink (ALCA) – bypass module
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