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California Custom Sounds Adds Alpine Displays

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DAYTON OH (06.07.2018) – California Custom Sounds had added a new Alpine display in each of the company’s Dayton OH area stores.

Zack Knoop commented to “A free standing display, featuring a single brand, gave us some more options on the sales floor. Research indicated many younger consumers like that approach when making a product selection and purchase.”

Continuing, Knoop stated “We made a substantial investment in the displays and want consumers, and our followers, to come into the stores to experience the Alpine products in the displays.”

Below is the message posted with the Alpine display image on Instagram:

“Want to come play with our new toy? We’re excited to have a brand new display unit operating, in each of our showrooms. Not only is this thing fun to play with, but it’s also a great tool to help you select the right combination of @alpineusacomponents for your next mobile audio project!”

“This display features the new iLX-F309 Alpine Halo9 head unit, Alpine X-Series and R-Series speakers and subwoofers, and a pair of X-Series amplifiers that you can mix and match to create a unique sound combination that best appeals to you. Come hear it and learn more about Alpine products at any of our four locations.”

For more visit or ccsdayton on Instagram.