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Directed Brings Entry-Level DS4 RF Solutions to AstroStart and Clifford Brands

VISTA, CA (05.22.2018) – Directed is pleased to announce its entry-level ¼-mile remote systems for DS4 platforms have begun shipping in the AstroStart and Clifford brands. These new value-priced entry-level RF solutions are designed to help authorized retailers expand their DS4 offerings and better serve price-sensitive consumers.

These new entry-level RF kits come in both 1-button and 4-button configurations. For AstroStart the 4-button model is AFRFD514 and the 1-button is AFRFD511. For Clifford the 4-button model is D9146X and the 1-button model is D9116X. All RF kits come with two remotes, a D2D control center, antenna cable, as well as installation and owner’s guides. The MSRP for these RF systems is $129.99. Directed’s new entry-level RF solutions include a new control center that offers a super bright theft-deterrent LED and valet button that connects to the DS4 or DS4+ via D2D2.0 ports.

The 1-button systems offers unique functionality with DS4 and can operate in two different modes depending upon customer preference. In one mode, the remote can be programmed to perform Start, Unlock (only during Remote Start), Stop, and Car Finder. The second mode enables the remote to perform Lock, Unlock (at any time), Start, and Stop. This way all customers get the experience they prefer.

James Turner, SVP, Core Product Management at Directed noted, “Directed strives to provide our customers, both retailers and consumers, with complete solutions that fit a variety of needs. These new entry-level control options create an opening price point that allows DS4 and DS4+ to become the preferred go-to platform.”

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