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Soundstream Announces 2018 Marine and Power Sports Line-Up

MONTEBELLO, CA (05.11.2018) – Epsilon Electronics, Inc. has announced their full SoundStream Marine and Power Sports line-up for 2018.

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“We’re excited this year to be featuring a full line of Soundstream Marine and Power Sports products,” said Paul Goldberg, vice-president, sales & marketing for Epsilon Electronics. “This series is true to our company mission statement of offering consumers quality products at an exceptional value.”

The 2018 SoundStream Marine and Power Sport products include: speakers, subwoofers, wake tower speakers, two styles of amplifiers and, marine radios.

These SoundStream products have been fabricated with true marine grade conformal coated engineering. For example, the circuit boards for the head units and amplifiers are epoxy-coated to protect the components. All speakers are made from a high density Centrex with UV protection.

Head Units
The MHU-32 head unit is an AM/FM weather band radio with Bluetooth V4.0. and a USB port for music playback. The MHU-32 radio is IP65 watertight sealed with a marine conformal coated circuit board. Its built-in 50×4 amplifier and 2-Zone independent audio outputs make this unit perfect for marine and Power Sports installs. Also included are an on-screen battery low voltage warning and a 7 color LED selectable backlighting display. The MHU-32 units is now shipping and accepting orders.

Rounding out the SoundStream Marine Lineup is the SMR-21B. This unit is a single-DIN CD player which features 32GB USB playback and Bluetooth™ connectivity. Anti-theft removable faceplate, front & rear RCA outs and a wireless remote control are also featured.

There are two different versions of amplifiers included in the SoundStream Marine and Power Sports offering, the Rubicon Nano Marine and the Stealth Marine.

Rubicon Nano – These slim profile class D full range marine grade amplifiers are ready to power your system, with top mount crossovers, gain controls and link connections. There is the MR4.1400 four channel amp 125w x 4, and the MR1.2000D Mono block 1ohm stable amp with bass knob, 1000w x 1 at 1ohm.

The MR5.2000D is a 5 channel amp perfect to run your full system. It is 75w x 4 + 500w x 1 with bass knob.

Stealth – The Stealth series marine grade micro footprint amps are 95% efficient Class D full range. There are three models to choose from which allow you to go with minimum space installs. The Stealth ST4.1000DB is a unique amplifier with Bluetooth V4.0. receiver built-in. This 4-channel amp with 90w x 4 at 4ohm can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device for your music playback. No radio required, just wire the amp, connect the speakers, pair Bluetooth device and ROCK!

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The SM4.1000D is a 4 channel 90w x 4 amplifier with Hi & Lo pass crossover selection. It measures 3” x 6” and includes a hi-level link connecter to audio link a second amp to the system. The SM1.700D is a 1 channel Mono block 350 x 1 at 2ohm with bass knob.

The Marine 10” subwoofers are constructed with an injection-molded frame and grill which utilize Centrex® 814 UV Resistant Polymer. To further protect your investment, the 2” voice coil and motor structure are sealed internally within the frame structure.

The MSW.104 & MSW.102 10” dual voice coil subwoofers feature Max power 600w. These woofers include two color grills (White & Black), and have a prewired connection terminal for available LED rings.

The stylish and functional Wake Tower speakers are available in 6.5” or 8” models. The WTS enclosure construction begins with Centrex, a material made in the USA, that offers incredible advantages over traditional polymer materials. Centrex protects in the face of extreme temperatures, chemicals, & weathering; while maintaining impervious structural density. WTS enclosures resist harmful sunlight from deteriorating its brilliant coloring thanks to a UV inhibitor blended with the raw Centrex material.

The WTS-6 & WTS-8 are available in 2 colors, Gloss White or Gloss Black. The heavy metal bar mount bracket included. Prewired connections for sound, LEDW, LED-RGB and spot light are all in the neck. These coaxial speakers with Titanium dome tweeters are great for any boat or off-road vehicle. The WTS-6 is 300w Max power and the WTS8 is 600w Max power.

Rounding out the Marine line-up are the Power Sport speakers. MCS coaxial speakers are a necessity for rockin’ out in your boat or off-road vehicle. Using the same critical moisture and UV resistant Centrex material of the WTS wake tower enclosures, you can be sure they will withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

These coaxial speakers are available in three different models.

The MCS.65, 6.5” coaxial is 200w Max power. The MCS.80, 8” coaxial is 250w Max power. The MCS.10, 10” coaxial is 300w Max power. These speakers feature UV resistant thermo-formed rubber gaskets and surround. MCS models are sold in pairs, plus they include two color speaker grills (White & Black), and have a prewired connection terminal for available LED rings.

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