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DEI Introduces Full Line of GOLD Line Sleeving

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AVON LAKE, OH (03.13.2018) – For the most demanding motorsports, the new standard for line and hose protection is DEI’s GOLD Line Sleeving. Designed to reduce heat in critical lines, hoses and air intakes, DEI’s GOLD sleeving is recommended for demanding applications for all forms of motorsports.

Multiple products are available in the new GOLD sleeving that offer protection against direct heat up to 800°F – Cool Cover GOLD, Heat Sheath GOLD and Heat Shroud GOLD. Each of the GOLD products are developed from 20 oz. heat-treated lock weave pattern base glass rated to 1100°F with a metalized Polyimide lamination.

Heat Sheath GOLD comes in multiple diameters from ¾” to 2-1/4”. Heat Shroud GOLD, available in 1/2” – 1-1/4” X 36”, offers the added convenience of a hook & loop closure with open edges so there is no need to remove the end of a wire, cable or hose to install. Simply wrap the GOLD sleeving over what needs to be protected and then close the edge for long-lasting protection. Cool Cover GOLD is a universal air tube cover recommended for use with air intakes and is available to accommodate 3” to 4” ID tubing x 28” length. Just trim to size. All GOLD sleeving products can be trimmed to the correct length as needed.

Part # Description Size

010914 Heat Sheath GOLD ¾” x 36”
010915 Heat Sheath GOLD 1 ¼” x 36”
010916 Heat Sheath GOLD ½” x 36”
010917 Heat Sheath GOLD 1” x 36”
010918 Heat Sheath GOLD 2 ¼” x 36”
010458 Heat Shroud GOLD ½” – 1 ¼” x 36”
010486 Cool Cover GOLD 3”– 4” x 28”

For more information about DEI’s full line of GOLD line sleeving and other available line and hose protection products, or DEI’s full line of heat and sound control products, visit, call 800-264-9472, or e-mail: