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New PAC Power Modules and Adapters

CLEARWATER, FL (03.08.2018) – PAC has announced two new ignition power modules IGN-1 and IGN-2, and two new adapters SAT-01 and OBD-2. These products are in stock and were engineered to save you time when installing aftermarket accessories.

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IGN-1, Phantom Ignition Power Module, is ideal for use in vehicles that do not have a traditional ignition power wire available. Many CAN-Bus equipped vehicles do not have an ignition or accessory lead behind the radio for powering aftermarket accessories. In these applications, the IGN-1 can be used to supply a switched ignition wire when needed.

IGN-1 monitors the electrical activity in the vehicle on the constant power line, identifies when the vehicle is running, and provides an ignition trigger power output for use with aftermarket accessories.

IGN-2, Latching Phantom Ignition Power Module, is ideal to use when adding aftermarket accessories in vehicles with “stop-start” technology, a fuel economy feature commonly found in many modern push-to-start vehicles. The switched power circuit in these vehicles can “sag” during the repeated engine restarts. This “sag” or momentary drops in voltage can wreak havoc on aftermarket devices – causing them to shutoff and reboot.

IGN-2 monitors the electrical activity in the vehicle and provides an ignition lead that does not “drop out” when the vehicle’s engine cranks – enabling the normal function of aftermarket electronic accessories.

SAT-01, Factory Satellite Antenna Adapter, is for use with an aftermarket satellite radio tuner. This eliminates the need to mount an aftermarket satellite radio antenna.

OBD-2, Breakout Harness for OBD-II Port, is the easy way to connect aftermarket electronic accessories to power and CAN data-bus without cutting or splicing vehicle wiring.

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