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EDA and Automotive Data Solutions Partner Up

SEATTLE, WA (03.02.2018) – Elite Distributor Alliance (EDA) has announced the addition of Automotive Data Solutions’ (ADS) iDatalink Maestro products to its premier lineup of brands. Josh Eatherly, EDA’s president, said, “iDatalink Maestro has become synonymous with quality, selection, and reliability. Our customers know that when they select a Maestro interface, it’s going to work. We are proud to add this brand to our mix and look forward to growing together.”

Rebert Di Cesare, ADS’ General Manager added, “We are excited to welcome the EDA family of distributors to the mix as iDatalink Maestro continues to mature into an indispensable audio interface line. This partnership enhances our relationship with several current customers while adding first class partners with true industry-wide reach. We cannot wait to see what the future holds as EDA helps bring our innovative solutions to every corner of the country.”

Jim Warren, Executive Director at EDA explained, “ADS’ engineering is so impressive. We are appreciative of their efforts to help the 12 volt aftermarket industry generally and our customers specifically. Their Maestro solutions are rock solid and we welcome them to the EDA.”

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