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LinksWell T-Style Now Works with All Four Versions of RAM Factory Climate Control Systems

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (02.14.2018) LinksWell has announced that its T-Style multimedia center for RAM trucks, part No. TS-DGPU10-4RR-4/8, is the first to work with all four versions of the climate control system that come on the vehicle. The producer of integrated safety systems verified compatibility at its Ontario, Calif., headquarters.

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With an MSRP of $1995.00, the T-Style multimedia center for 2014-current RAM trucks supplants the factory display screen and climate control center with a 10.4-inch, multi-touch panel. The factory climate controls are replaced with digital controls accessible through the unit’s touch screen interface. The RAM truck comes with four types of climate control systems: 4-speed, 7-speed, 7-speed digital and automatic. The modified hardware / software solution enables the installer to select the specific climate control system at setup.

“There are other companies in the marketplace that sell a similar multimedia center, but don’t disclose compatibility or account for the different factory options,” said Walt Detlefsen, national sales manager for LinksWell. “As a result, buyers return units and get a bad taste in their mouths for the category overall. Our in-house engineers devised a fix that still lets retailers buy one SKU. We’ve worked with select retailers as well as local dealerships to test and validate our solution, and we stand behind every unit that leaves our warehouse.”

The RAM T-Style interface, as well as models for Ford trucks, the Ford Mustang and Toyota Tundra, are now shipping. All units will be on display at the upcoming KnowledgeFest trade show and education conference in Long Beach, Calif., February 22-24.

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