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Petra Applies Preval Painting Equipment & Accessories to Lineup

EDMOND, OK (02.09.2018) – Petra Industries has announced Preval as a new Petra vendor. Offering a range of DIY and professional-grade sprayers and equipment, Preval is changing the way paint is applied. Proudly made in the U.S.A., Preval’s base-model sprayers are the perfect compromise between a compressor-powered sprayer and a spray can. Featuring a regular-looking aerosol can, a glass media container is filled with the formula of choice then attached to the bottom of the aerosol spray can and you are ready to spray.

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Preval aims to cater to all kinds of DIY’ers and professional painters. Whether the job is on wheels, the dining room table or an easel, Preval has products that can get the job done, and done well. There are a multitude of applications for Preval sprayers, ranging from automotive touch-up paint jobs to arts and crafts projects to professionally airbrushed 3D concrete artwork. Preval’s versatility and quality is unmatched.

“The onboarding of Preval will be wonderful for a variety of Petra customer,” said Petra’s President, Tate Morgan. “The addition of Preval products is anticipated in Petra’s Appliance, Tool and RTO category. We believe that Preval products will be great sellers for many of our customers due to their versatility, cost-effective price point, and broad range of application.”

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