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PAC Offers Advanced Amp Integration for Select Toyota & Lexus Vehicles

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CLEARWATER, FL (02.07.2018) – PAC, a Power Brand of AAMP Global, is pleased to announce their new Amplifier Integration Solution AP4-TY12. A part of the AmpPRO product line, this new vehicle application solution will simplify the audio performance enhancement process for amplified sound systems by adding your choice of aftermarket amplifier or amplifiers. PAC is one of the most trusted names in US aftermarket integration solution market and they now are the first to market an advanced amplifier integration solution for select 2012 – 2018 Toyota and Lexus vehicles with JBL or Premium Sound systems.

With factory radios now offering more advanced features that consumers want, AmpPRO provides the ability to significantly improve audio performance by adding aftermarket amplifiers while retaining the fit, finish, and features of the original radio. AmpPRO is a product line from PAC that simplifies the installation of upgraded amplifiers in modern and complex data-bus controlled sound systems. The new AP4-TY12 is a key addition to this product line as it makes the process easier and saves time on amplifier integration – preventing the need for summing and audio correction devices. This product is compatible with select 2012-2018 Toyota and Lexus vehicles with a 28pin, 10pin, and 6pin connector.

“We are very excited and proud to be the first to deliver this important solution to the market,” said Nathan Wincek, Senior Product Manager of Integration Products. “Toyota and Lexus owners now have a simple and cost-effective means of upgrading their sound without extensive customization.”

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