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KENWOOD Provides a Clearer, Safer Front View With Competitively-Priced Dashboard Camera

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LONG BEACH, CA (01.24.2018) – KENWOOD has rounded out its dash camera line with a third model streamlined for standalone, high-definition recording and playback. Unlike the DRV-410 and head unit-controlled DRV-N520 which are designed for vehicles without driver safety features, the DRV-320 targets vehicles in which only front-view recording is needed. Yet, it retains a high-quality feature set that lets it stand out among competitors in its price point.

The DRV-320 features a front-facing camera on one side and a 2.0-inch LCD facing the driver. The 3.0-megapixel camera is capable of recording 1920×1080 pixels, resulting in an image that is large enough to pick out details while reviewing. Available High Dynamic Range (HDR) control provides improved color and depth for even more image clarity.

Three automatic recording modes enable the DRV-320 to protect drivers from liability. While the ignition is on, the camera continuously records into a digital folder on the included SD card. During this time, a built-in gyro sensor detects if the vehicle is in an accident, and the camera automatically segments and stores a recording of the incident. In addition, if the vehicle ignition is off, the camera will begin recording if there is impact to the vehicle while parked. The driver can also manually begin recording a segment of up to one minute to be stored in a separate folder. Each recording is time- and location-stamped thanks to a built-in global positioning receiver.

“The dash camera market, in many respects, has quickly become commoditized,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for the KENWOOD brand. “However, consumers are now starting to see the differences in features and image quality, and are looking for models that will really help them if there is an accident or other event that requires high-quality footage. The DRV-320 is our answer to delivering a premium picture surrounded by intuitive functionality, even at a $200 price point.”

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