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AIS Introduces CD Player for Factory Radios

MARIETTA, GA (01.03.2018) – Automotive Integration Solutions (AIS) has announced the addition of the new plug-n-play USBCD1 CD player that integrates to certain factory radios.

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Even though there are still millions of people who still like and listen to CDs, there are new vehicles are being sold without CD players. In many cases, there are no options to add a CD player to the factory radio. AIS has a long awaited solution that the industry can use immediately and create fantastic profit opportunities for AIS dealers to sell products to consumers and automotive dealerships.

The USBCD1 works with certain GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Volvo and KIA factory radios. It will allow your customer to have full control of the CD player through the factory radio’s touch screen. The unit is small, compact and lightweight and can be mounted either vertical or horizontal.

AIS is the only solution for the 12-Volt specialty retailer who cares about profit. Automotive Integration Solutions products are not sold through online internet channels, creating fantastic profit potential for the network of loyal nationwide dealers. AIS carries over 2800 SKU’s and has a three year warranty for key dealers.

AIS can be reached at 844-283-6372 and