EchoMaster Introduces All-New Ford F-150 Lane Change Assistance, Blind Spot Detection Technology

Clearwater, FL (December 28, 2017) Blind spots are one of the leading causes of preventable auto accidents around the country. It’s been estimated around 840,000 accidents are caused by blind spot-related issues every single year, leading to thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths.

By providing drivers with a simple, easy-to-use aftermarket blind spot detection system, EchoMaster provides additional visibility opportunities to larger vehicles.

The latest in EchoMaster’s line of advanced aftermarket safety technologies is the comprehensive integrated blind spot detection and lane change assistance system for Ford F-150 trucks.

1pAvailable in two options: FCTP-FD1501 works with a F-150’s OE radio. FCTP-FD1504 was engineered to work with any aftermarket monitor that has an RCA video input. Built to integrate seamlessly into Ford F-150 trucks, these kits provide extra functionality, without added complication.

The camera solutions effectively assist in safe lane changes and eliminate blind spots, protecting your truck, passengers, and other assets from potential liabilities, without adding bulk to the truck’s exterior.



The primary technology used in both systems is the EchoMaster’s side blind spot and lane change assist system. The proprietary designed mirror cap inserts with integrated cameras are responsive to driver behavior; the camera view is triggered on using the turn signals, eliminating side blind spots. The FCTP-FD1501 includes everything needed for a plug-and-play installation including camera harnesses, adapters and interface module. The FCTP-FD1504 includes the camera harnesses, adapters and video switcher for universal applications.

For more information regarding Integrated Safety Solutions, contact your EchoMaster sales representative. If you are interested in becoming an Authorized EchoMaster dealer, visit our contact page to reach AAMP Global.