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DEI Introduces LS Engine Coil Pack Heat Shield

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AVON LAKE, OH (12.20.2017) – DEI now offers a solution for coil failure due to heat or relocating coil packs for added protection against underhood radiant heat. Excessive heat generated from the engine and exhaust often is the culprit that causes coils to fail. DEI’s newly introduced LS Engine Coil Pack Heat Shield insulates and reflects heat away from the coils; effectively reducing underhood radiant heat that can cause coil failure.

Designed to greatly extend coil life over the life of the vehicle, the LS Engine Coil Pack Heat Shield is made from double-sided aluminum and high temperature foam core and works equally well on both factory and aftermarket coils including MSD® and ACCEL. Easy to install, the pre-cut shield installs under the coil bracket and is designed to work with factory valve covers. DEI’s Engine Coil Pack Heat Shield is sold as a pair and is available for purchase online or wherever DEI automotive aftermarket products are sold at retail locations nationwide.

For more information about DEI’s new LS Engine Coil Pack Heat Shield, #011001, visit or call 800-264-9472.