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RoadPro Brands Launches New Website

PALMYRA, PA (12.06.2017) – The RoadPro Family of Brands has launched a new website with improved navigation, mobile optimization and access to all of their brands in one convenient location.

The individual websites of their popular brands, including: Wilson, RoadKing, MobileSpec and PowerDrive have each been combined into one site: This allows consumers to browse all products in the same place, creating a more user-friendly experience. Each product has gained more intuitive information, as well as the ability to locate the closest retail location who sells it.

Featuring a clean look and easy navigation, the new RoadPro site has added more trucker-relevant content through the Lifestyle tab, along with the ability to upload personal photos to be featured on their β€œOn-The-Go Gallery.”

RoadPro is focused on their community of truckers and giving them product solutions in an easy format. As a result, the website has become fully optimized for mobile devices with product information that is readily accessible.

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