Great To See 12volt Companies Instagrammin’ at SEMA 2017

InstagramminSHREVEPORT, LA (11.11.2017) Great to see 12volt companies Instagrammin’ at SEMA 2017 to connect with followers and consumers. Kicker, DS18 and DB Drive are showcased in this article as they made posts highlighting their activities in Vegas.

Many proactive 12volt companies across the U.S., and around the globe, are utilizing the power of Instagram to engage and connect with followers plus consumers. The vast majority of people utilizing social media don’t want to be “sold to.” The examples in this 12voltBite illustrate companies delivering an attention grabbing message to their followers.

FullSizeRenderKicker had a very large booth in the North Hall of the LVCC during SEMA 2017. Kicker followers on Instagram number over 122,000. Bill Braun had sweat on his forehead when he rushed by 12volt News to make his next post. The Street Outlaw appearance in the Kicker booth, plus over 90 vehicles on site showcasing Kicker gear, provided many opportunities for Kicker to make exciting Instagram posts.

FullSizeRender22DS18 had a great booth setup in the Performance Pavilion just past the South Hall at SEMA. Alberto, Sasha, Rob and Diego, plus the rest of the crew was super busy all 4 days of the show. The truck line damaged their booth display but they worked around that and had a great setup to show attendees their latest products. The MR. DS18 Jeep Wrangler definitely drew a crowd to the booth. With over 20K following DS18 on Instagram their followers stay up to date with the latest news from Team DS18.

FullSizeRender3The DB Drive Crushed debuted at SEMA 2017 in the Performance Pavilion. The CAN AM highlights the latest DB Drive audio for the PowerSports category..LED lighting too. Ernie Welch and the crew, with rep Dave Gill-SMS, showed a steady flow the latest products from DB Drive. The official DB Drive Instagram has just under 8K followers.

12volt News was in Las Vegas for the entire week of the 2017 SEMA Show and hit it hard all 4 days of the event. See a growing number of posts #12vnn_sema2017.

“Our goal is to encourage all across the 12volt industry to utilize this incredibly powerful social media tool to increase their company’s visibility in the marketplace. Instagram is a free app. Using only a smartphone or tablet, images and comments, can be shared with followers in less than a minute. Images posted to Instagram can automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. Companies who post images of primo installations, new products, new displays and events are connecting with followers and consumers. Utilizing the power of Instagram could definitely lead to visibility, store traffic and a good shot at writing business for 12volt retailers and other companies,” commented Mike Van Horn.

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