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Directed Releases New Viper DS4/SmartStart Bundle with One Year of Service

VISTA, CA (11.02.2017) – Directed has announced the latest addition to its Viper SmartStart product line, the Viper VSSDS4P. This innovative new bundle combines all the latest technologies from Directed in one package and is now available to order with an expected shipping date of mid-November. Everything a consumer needs to make their vehicle a connected car is built in, including one year of free SmartStart service.

Directed was set up in the Hard Rock Hotel to present new programs during SEMA 2017.

Directed was set up in the Hard Rock Hotel to present new programs during SEMA 2017.

“The VSSDS4P is the most complete connected car solution we have ever offered,” said Directed Vice President of Connected Car Geoff Weathersby. “For consumers who want the best of the best, the VSSDS4P is their system. They will have the flexibility of controlling their vehicle locally with either the free smartphone control or key fob, and will have global control with the SmartStart system. We know consumers will welcome the year of free Secure service, and they can also take advantage of the SmartStart GPS features by upgrading to the GPS service plan.”

The VSSDS4P combines the Viper VSM450, Directed’s newest SmartStart module using 3G AT&T technology, with the Viper DS4+ control module (with built-in Bluetooth), Viper 7656V 1-Way remote, and a free year of Viper SmartStart service.

The DS4+ is designed with free Bluetooth smartphone control with driveway range. By adding the VSM450, consumers can control their vehicle globally. Since the system comes with built-in GPS, consumers can activate all the GPS functions of the Viper SmartStart app simply by upgrading their service plan. In addition to these leading smartphone control options, the VSSDS4P also includes a Viper 7656V handheld remote making it the most adaptable system in the market.

Because it’s part of the DS4 ecosystem the VSSDS4P has a wide variety of compatible remotes and T-Harnesses to make installation a breeze. It’s also possible to easily upgrade the unit to add security features using the DS4SU security add-on kit which comes with a siren and a digital tilt/shock sensor.

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