dB Drag 2017 South American Finals

FinalsGroup(10/31/2017) – The dB Drag Racing Association wrapped up the 2017 South American Finals over the weekend of October 21-22, 2017 in Barretos, Brazil. The event was held in conjunction with the annual Insane Sound event. This event is a life style event hosted by Daniel Boner of 101 Eventos, (dBDRA South American affiliate) and features all things audio.

AlanDante AlanDante2According to Wayne Harris, President of the dBDRA, “With over 2500 vehicles on display and playing their systems at full tilt, the ambient Sound Pressure Level was approximately 140 dB and was truly INSANE.” The dB Drag Racing competition took place over the course of 2-days in between demo rounds. The head judge for the event was 4X certified DBDRA Judge, Ray Choy from Alberta, Canada. “Ray did an amazing job thoroughly inspecting and judging vehicles over the course of 2-days,” says Harris. In conjunction with Ray in the lanes was Daniel Boner, Jontas Richard Alves and Bruno Araujo.

The event was sponsored by: Taramps, Banda, Soundigital, Eros, Corzus and Stetsom

First Place Champions in each format of competition include:

Hal_SD_Girls SD_WRdB Drag Racing
Street Stock 500 – Team Super Som Alemao (*WR)
Street Stock 1K – Luis Fernando Vieira (*WR)
Street Stock 2K – Lucio Mauro Frote
Street Stock 5K – Marcos Baldo (*WR)
Street Stock NL – Maico Marchi (*WR)
Street Trunk 5K – Adriano Martins Nascimento (*WR)
Super Street No Wall – Team Lc Som
Super Street 1-2 – Team Soundcheck
Super Street 3-4 – Ricardo Alves Dos Santos
Super Street X – Wagnao Spl
Extreme 5K – Team Corzus Marcelo Salviati
Extreme NL – Team Hal (*WR)

(*WR) Denotes 2017 World Record at South American Championship

SDvan TarampsWallBass Race
Bass Race 120.0-129.9db – Oscar Kazuo Kakazu
Bass Race 130.0-139.9db – Joilson 30 Hz
Bass Race 140.0-149.9db – Team Magic Audio Car
Bass Race 150.0-159.9db – Felipe Nunes

Pancadao1 The Brazilian competitors are serious about competition and many of them spend hundreds and hundreds of hours working on their car audio systems. Most are part of a team and enjoy competing with, and against each other. At the event this year, 6 World Records were set which is the largest number of World Records set at any of the 2017 Championships to date. The LOUDEST World Record in dB Drag Racing History was also set during the event at 184.4 dB by Team Hal!