MSE Wraps Successful Advanced SQ Seminar

Mark Eldridge (Left) with attendees from MSE's recent Advanced SQ Seminar.

Mark Eldridge (Left) with attendees from MSE’s recent Advanced SQ Seminar.

BIXBY, OK (09.19.2017) – Take a look at the following summary from MSE’s Mark Eldridge:

We wrapped up the Advanced Sound Quality Seminar yesterday evening! Two very full days, getting deep into everything related to making car audio systems sound their very best: Live and recorded music, reference audio systems, acoustical considerations, the human hearing system, speaker placement, signal processing, acoustical analyzers, car audio system design, etc.

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Lots of sound demos, audio experiments, and much time for the attendees to listen to as many different examples of music on the two reference systems and in the MSE NASCAR Cup Car. And, not a single Powerpoint slide all weekend; just the acoustical analyzer or a short video to outline a topic on the screen at different times.

logo-250_mse-mobile-soundstage-engLike every other ASQS, we have done at Mobile Soundstage Engineering, this class took us into some areas we had not covered in any other ASQS. That’s one of the great parts of this class, is that while we do have an extensive guiding curriculum, anything the attendees want to get into, that’s where we go! We’ll discuss the topic, set up experiments and listening demos, and get into it.

Anyone interested in a future ASQS, message me, and let me know. I’m not sure when the next one will be. That depends on those that want to attend.

“Many thanks to each of the guys here this weekend; Anthony Craig, Chris Linker, Chris Stein, Jesse Leatherwood, Leonard Evans, and Scott Miller. You guys made it happen!”

-Mark Eldridge, MSE

For more info, email meldridge@mblsound.com