Al & Ed’s Commercials Hit the TV Airwaves

Screenshot from the Al & Ed's commercial.

Screenshot from on of the Al & Ed’s commercials.

LOS ANGELES, CA (08.03.2017) – Al & Ed’s Autosound, a 14-store franchised car audio and motorsports chain in Southern California, is hitting the cable TV airwaves with a pair of television commercials. Partnering with Spectrum Reach in Los Angeles county, and Cox Media in San Diego, Al & Ed’s will air over 2,000 30-second commercials over a 90-day period.

“We are targeting two completely different customers,” stated John Haynes, General Manager. “The first commercial attacks a largely male demographic, and is designed to give an overview of the “cool factor” part of the business. The second commercial, designed to market the developing safety categories, uses a spokesmodel to talk to a mostly female demographic.”

Screenshot from one of the Al & Ed's commercials.

Screenshot from one of the Al & Ed’s commercials.

The commercials are showing on channels that tend to lean one way or the other, so the proper audience will be targeted.



“Al & Ed’s hasn’t been on television in many years,” continued Haynes. “In our marketing area, print is completely ineffective and radio is very, very expensive. Surprisingly, cable TV provided a way to reach many customers at a reasonable cost.

For more info, call 818 908-5710 or visit the www.al-eds.com.