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See Over 3 Dozen New Products

Explore hashtag #12vnn_newproduct

Explore hashtag #12vnn_newproduct

SHREVEPORT, LA (07.10.2017) – Technology changes rapidly across the 12volt industry. Proactive manufacturers are introducing new products throughout the year.

The 12volt Central Studios showcases new products with regularity. See over 3 dozen new products posted over the last few weeks on Instagram #12vnn_newproduct.

The current list of new products includes posts from Kicker, Alpine, PowerBass, Cadence, SiriusXM, Metra, Batcap, Mobile Spec, Nav-TV, Magellan, Maestro, Phoenix Gold, Rydeen, Heise LED Lighting, BOYO, Design Engineering, DS18, VAIS Technology, NESA, SSV Works, RetroSound, DD Audio, Scosche and Massive Audio.

Keep up to date with new product introductions on Instagram #12vnn_newproduct.


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