An Enduring Father’s Day Gift

fd(06/17/2017) – Justin Smith created a special Father’s Day gift by upgrading the sound in his father’s Toyota Yaris. Ross Sachs created a mashup to drive home “Improving The Sound Experience”. Smith and Sachs work to drive the 12volt category at DAS.

“The light bulb went off today. With Father’s Day approaching, the one day I usually say to my family, “I really don’t want anything, I just want to spend family-time with all the kids.” That has all changed! After a short lesson from a co-worker and a demo in his father’s Toyota Yaris, which he personally upgraded as his gift to his Dad, he exposed me to the best kept secret about improving the sound experience in any vehicle.

Just for the record, the Yaris is a subcompact car that has very little in common with what I’m accustomed to driving, which is an Acura TL. The Yaris is smaller, which makes it much easier to parallel park in the city, but the sound in this custom Yaris stereo system kicks-#@*. Oh, I don’t mean this sounds good. It sounds awesome! OMG, I must have missed a “create a better sound” lesson at our latest Consumer Electronics Trade Show, in Atlantic City? Nope. It all starts with SoundSkins.

Never heard of it?

That’s all about to change. And if you don’t understand the value of this stuff, you’re not growing your business as you could. Designed to drastically improve the sound quality of your speakers, SoundSkins also helps keep your client’s car cooler longer in the summer heat, insulates to keep you warmer in the winter months. Additionally, like any of the luxury brands, SoundSkins deafens external sounds for a quieter ride!

Yaris_SoundskinsThe installation is easy. The material, acoustic foam layer on top of a butyl and foil design, is 100% waterproof and will not hold or absorb water. This is important because this ensures the factory protective seals can be duplicated and your vehicle’s electronics will be protected.

The sale is simple. Adding SoundSkins will create a quiet, more relaxing ride while improving your stock speakers sound. Add additional SoundSkins with upgraded speakers and you will FEEL the phenomenal results!

Now I know what I want for my Father’s Day gift.”

Contact DAS with questions or speak with Justin Smith, (the rep. who did the install), at (800)233- 7009.

Story supplied by Ross Sachs.