AVIDWORX launches BUSINESSWORX 3.0 with new tools, functionality.

BUSINESSWORX-HomeSURREY, BC (06-16-2017) – AVIDWORX Productions has been hard at work updating BUSINESSWORX – a marketing, business measurement, and customer relations software platform built for retailers in the 12-volt and mobile electronics industry. The software captures data seamlessly from leading retail point-of-sale and accounting systems and puts that data to work generating more revenues.

“We went back to the drawing board to focus on all the tools and data points that retailers in this industry need to manage their businesses and stay top-of-mind with consumers,” says Marcel Newell, President of AVIDWORX Productions.

"We are launching Businessworx 3.0 featuring new tools and functionality" Marcel Newell.

“We are launching Businessworx 3.0 featuring new tools and functionality” Marcel Newell.

“Whether its interactive retail showcases or software, our goal is always the same – to give retailers the tools they need grow their business.”

unnamedBUSINESSWORX is web-based software that can be accessed by retailers anytime, anywhere, effectively replacing over half a dozen other software productivity tools many stores are currently using. As well, BUSINESSWORX has focused on automating marketing and customer loyalty as much as possible, freeing up time for busy store owners and managers.

The updated version of BUSINESSWORX is launching with five components – MAILWORX newsletter templates and mailing campaigns, LOYALTYWORX automated customer loyalty programs and surveys, DASHWORX revenue analysis, CLIENTWORX client mapping, and MEDIAWORX to manage on-screen content in your store. The PRICEWORX price tag creator is being rolled out this week, to be followed later this month by the REVIEWWORX online review system (a module that is accessible through LOYALTYWORX. New modules are planned every three-to-six months.



AVIDWORX is currently offering free 30-day trials to test the software and, starting on Wednesday, June 21, will be offering weekly webinars to demonstrate the software.

To sign up for the free trial or webinar, retailers can visit www.businessworx.com.