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VAIS Technology announces a new Universal (stock one) approach for adding integrated SiriusXM tuners to most vehicles.

3p5/15/2017 – VAIS Technology announces a new upgraded hardware platform for their GSR (General Satellite Radio) devices. The new GSR-U01 is a universal unit that will operate on over 75 different models, 14 brands of vehicles not equipped with SiriusXM satellite radio. VP of Sales, Dennis Hopper, “one of the biggest challenges our dealers encountered was that they could never stock the right mix of products from VAIS Technology”. VAIS Technology cleaned the slate and went to work on a new improved platform for our satellite radio integration device. Our hardware and software engineers were tasked with the challenge to make one model that would work on most all vehicles. The new GSR-U01 accomplished it.

Slide 1VAIS Technology states approximately 25% of all new vehicles delivered at the dealerships do not have satellite radio from the OEM’s. With the new GSR-01 now a dealer only has to stock one model to do all of those vehicles.

When our engineers designed the new hardware “states Hopper” they also redesigned the GUI (Graphical User Interface) for all vehicles. This new GUI is a better user experience than our last units, so customers can navigate, browse and set the presets much easier. Like past units, the GSR-U01 integrates with the vehicle for a seamless “factory like” solution and uses the factory steering wheel buttons and controls.

Currently, the GSR-U01 is compatible with most vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler America, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Subaru, Porsche, Nissan, Land Rover, and Mazda.

“The GSR-U01 leverages a simple firmware update system, which ensures that we can stay on top of the software updates as automakers roll out new vehicle models with new radios says Eugene Kaspin”, CEO of VAIS Technology. The new dealer portal will allow the latest firmware available. And like our last devices, they are designed, engineered and manufactured here in Colorado.

The new GSR-U01 requires professional installation, so it is currently only available from VAIS Technology dealers. To learn more, visit to contact your local VAIS Technology dealer.