EDA Welcomes N&S Distributor in Pacific NW



LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA (04.07.2017) – The Elite Distributor Alliance has announced the addition of N&S distributor in Pacific Northwest.

Dale Naeseth, President of N&S, commented, “We’ve been in business for over 37 years. We are certainly pleased to become the eleventh equity member of the EDA. We like to think that we know the market and are well respected by many of the customers in our territory. We are expecting the EDA to help us on some best practices with the back end of the business as well as adding some ballast to our relations with the vendor community.”

“Distributors across the country reported that N&S is a class act who’s capabilities and values are consistent with the EDA’s highest expectations,” said John Tatro of EDA member Sierra Select in the adjacent N. California territory. “I think we have added a great partner in N&S and I am most certainly looking forward to working with them.”

N&S joined the EDA with a unanimous vote in the affirmative and begins representing the EDA in the Pacific Northwest territory immediately.

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