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Elite Distributor Alliance Adds JVC as Vendor Partner

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA (03.20.2017) – The Elite Distributor Alliance has added JVC as their latest vendor partner. The addition of JVC brings the EDA vendor partner count to ten. JVC is the first EDA “in-dash” category vendor partner.

Ray Windsor, Executive Director of the Elite Distributor Alliance, commented, “JVC is a well-respected brandand the EDA is quite proud to have been able to establish this business relationship with them. JVC has a number of high profile distributors around the United States and the EDA distributors are anxious to become a part of that family.”


Steve Cote (L) and a Hazim Jainoor worked to show dealers the latest  from JVC and rocked The Show 2017 with the JVC Ram pickup that was in the CES2017 booth.

Steve Cote (L) and a Hazim Jainoor worked to show dealers the latest  from JVC and rocked The Show 2017 with the JVC Ram pickup that was in the CES2017 booth.

Josh Eatherly from P&E Distributors and president of the Elite Distributor Alliance added, “P&E along with a number of other EDA distributor members have been engaged with JVC for many years. Several of the current EDA members will be adding JVC as an important part of their brand mix beginning April 1, 2017 and we expect more of the current members to follow suite shortly thereafter.”


Ron Trout, JVC Director of Sales explained, “We are quite confident that joining the EDA will help strengthen JVC’s business relationships with the distributors already on-board and the addition of the new JVC distributors in the EDA will be an important part of our plans to grow business and share in the very important installing specialty retailer channel. The Elite Distributor Alliance members have a pretty good understanding of how to build and maintain business in the channel and we are confident that they will be a solid extension of JVC in delivering our brand’s message and complete line of products.”

The EDA is the first and so-far, only mobile electronics distributor alliance. EDA vice president Craig Breinholt of Mountain West Distributors said, “The challenges we all face are not much of a secret. Strategically, this kind of joint effort between a brand, JVC in this case, and a focused and capable group of like-minded distributors can be a very strong bulwark in the effort to go to market in consistent fashion and add value to all of us in the supply chain, retailers, distributors, reps and vendors. It is true, the EDA will enjoy the beginning of only its third year in August 2017, that we are a young organization. On the other hand, each EDA member is a rather prominent participant in his respective territory. The market should expect that the EDA’s momentum and positive impact on business will continue to grow. The addition of JVC as our most recent vendor partner will of course add significant value to our endeavors. We will be having more to talk about in the coming weeks and months.”

EDA President Josh Eatherly commented “The EDA vendor partnership with JVC Mobile Entertainment just happened. To have JVC exhibit at The Show 2017 was excellent timing. Dealers attending P&E’s the show were totally impressed with the system that rocked the Ram pickup in their booth. Eatherly is also a P&E VP.

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