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Boom Mat Intros Second Generation Floor & Tunnel Shield II


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AVON LAKE, OH (03.14.2017) – Boom Mat, a division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) has introduced a second generation version of one of their most popular products – Floor & Tunnel Shield II.

Designed to provide the best possible heat protection in areas where high temperatures are always present, Floor & Tunnel Shield II limits heat transfer on fire walls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, fuel cells and other areas where heat is generated. This version withstands up to 1,750 degree F of direct continuous heat and has a self-adhesive backing proven to withstand up to 450 degree F. Its multifaceted modern aluminum surface offers improved reflectivity and rigidity over the original version.

The Floor & Tunnel Shield II is the easiest, most cost-effective way to control thermal transfer and protect your expensive automotive performance components.

Floor and Tunnel Shield II is available in three sizes: 24” X 21” (3.5 sq. ft.), 48” X 21” (7 sq. ft.) and 48” X 42” (14 sq. ft.). Ask for part numbers: 050507, 050508 and 050509 respectively.

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