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SSV Works’ Incredible 2017 RZR XP4 Turbo Build – The Equalizer

SSV Works' Equalizer Polaris RZR XP41000 Turbo with a baby RZR xp10000 at CES north hall 7738. (Click to enlarge)

SSV Works’ Equalizer Polaris RZR XP41000 Turbo with a baby RZR xp10000 at CES north hall 7738. (Click to enlarge)

LAS VEGAS, NV (01.06.2017) – As a celebration of SSV Works’ 10-­year anniversary as the leader in UTV audio equipment, they have put together an incredible new custom Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo, aptly named “Equalizer.”

Starting with a brand-­‐new 2017 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo, SSV Works stripped the car down to install their full catalog of audio equipment for an incredibly powerful showcase of technology. Starting with their new MRB3 Bluetooth Media Receiver, SSV Works paired a total of four amplifiers, six speakers, and three subwoofers to create the most insane UTV audio kit around.

The RZR’s cage and doors were replaced with SDR Motorsports kit, featuring their full-­‐length solid doors and “Betsy” fastback cage system. The rear seats were removed to make way for a ported, dual 15” Kicker L7 subwoofer box setup, featuring a single-­‐channel, 2400-­‐watt amplifier driving the square woofers. A separate 500-­‐watt amplifier powers another 10” Kicker subwoofer mounted under the dash behind the glove box, using SSV’s RZ3-­‐GB10 fiberglass subwoofer enclosure kit. This build is sure to give any audiophile serious speaker envy.

Up front, the Equalizer features dual under-­‐dash 6.5” SSV Works speakers mounted into RZ3-­‐F65 fiberglass enclosures, plus dual SDR Motorsports door pods that hold another pair of SSV Works 6.5” speakers. Rounding out the speaker system is a pair of 6.5” SSV Works cage-­‐mount speaker pods mounted in the rear. All six speakers are powered by a pair of SSV Works’ new WP-­‐A360S4 weather-­‐ proof amplifiers. A total of 3,620 watts of ear-­‐splitting power is stuffed into the Equalizer, which is set to debut at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas. CES is a yearly technology and electronics trade show meant to showcase the latest and greatest in computer-­‐controlled and electronics technology. The best part? All of the parts used in creating the Equalizer will be readily available for consumers early 2017.

The Equalizer build features products from Polaris, Kicker, SDR Motorsports, Proline Wraps, PRP Seats, Assault Industries, Heretic Studios, MSA Wheels, EFX Tires, Reikken batteries, HMF exhaust, Whip Tech LED Whips, and more.

See what SSV Works has to offer at CES in the North Hall, booth #7738

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